August 16, 2004

Our last trip with them - Staff Retreat in Lake Tahoe
Our last trip with them – Staff Retreat in Lake Tahoe

It was one of the last weeks of summer, and I remember my stomach sinking like never before.  My arms went numb, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Those words you think will never touch your ears, could NEVER happen to anyone you know.  It only happens on TV or in crazy places…

 Our friend’s bodies were found…

…dead on the beach.

 Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall, an amazing couple whom the Lord had worked in amazing ways that summer.  They were planning on getting married that fall in Lindsay’s hometown in Ohio.  She had never been to San Francisco, so they planned a trip that weekend to see the bridge and some other local tourist sweet spots.  It was not like them to not show up on Sunday afternoon for our weekly staff dinner.  We had it every week at the same time to eat together, fellowship, and plan the week ahead.  Suspicions came to life that Monday morning, as we gathered in front of the dining area to hear the important news.  A local rock climber had to be rescued by helicopter and during the rescue; someone spotted sleeping bags and personal items on the beach below.  Upon further investigation, they found the bodies of Jason and Lindsay, both shot in the head execution style by rifle.

The news rang in my ears, searing images into my brain.  Tears flowed down my cheeks, and many of us clumped together, some falling on the ground in tears, others praying out loud…and some so in shock they didn’t know what to do other than fall on the nearest table, staring into space trying to make sense of what was going on.  We were all in shock.

Questions arose, but no answers were unveiled.  Who would do this?  Why would they do this?  Were they provoked?  Was this a message?  Was this a random crime?  Did anyone hear the shots?  How could this be happening HERE??

A local friend and employee of the camp took us all in, so we could be away from the camp and grieve together.  A grief counselor came over to help us all with the process.  Many friends and relatives came as well, offering food, comfort and prayers for us all.  It was as if we were all living in a nightmare – and we could not wake from it. 

“I will see you again, but not yet”

 So I wait3.


Here is one of the videos that tells a small part of their story.  The reward still stands today.  The murderer was never found.  


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